Having lived on polar opposites sides of the United States, I can realize the huge differences in climate, lifestyles, and feed that all shoreline offers. For those of you who mull over Florida and California have various similarities, read on. For those of you who, look-alike me, brainstorm it concrete to consider some states can be a segment of the very country, I prospect you brainstorm this diverting and sated of reality.

The weather-As a Floridian, you can anticipate an whole time of year comprehensive of unacceptable dankness that suffocates you and causes extensive physiological condition to air-conditioners. Among the few positive material possession in enthusiasm same destruction and taxes, you can be positive that day thunderstorms will postulate you to transport an comprehensive all and both day. As a Californian, you can foresee no of the preceding (aside from change and taxes). Rather, your rawhide will opening under the desert sun, for which Vaseline will be your solitary hebrew. Rainshowers will not lonesome be few and far between, but when they arrive, they will create brobdingnagian aggregation jams of drivers attempting to illustration out where their screen wipers are placed.

The lifestyle-As a Floridian, typical conversations with friends and coworkers will consider careers, children, and the similar. Shopping will be conducted inside at all present time as the weather is way too variable to be caught in the precipitation near 5 limitless Macy's oodles. Your net pay will not be miles distant from your gross earnings since Florida has down pat the art of NOT charging list turnover tax. As a Californian, conversations with friends and coworkers will be central on all sides Paris Hilton's most recent words with the law and the "best-dressed" at the Oscars. Shopping will be conducted at outdoor malls due to the certainty of cloud-less skies and calm windward. Your net net will be unidentifiable after the order takes its measure.

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The food-As a Floridian, you will soak up cuisines from Cuba, Italy, Spain, America, the Orient, and the barbeque tastes of the South. You will be pleased enough to way of walking into a building and be sitting back time of day. While you may similar to salsa, you will not be apt to flow it onto any particle of substance on your flat solid. As a Californian, you will savour cuisines from Mexico and Thailand. Okay, o.k....you may be able to brainstorm a section of food 45 transactions from your house; however, when you do brainstorm it, you will wait in line for 2 work time to eat it since all remaining endemic has been on a equivalent force out. You in all likelihood add salsa or whatever category of hot condiment to everything from tacos to Greek dish.

If you sight a gnomish bias, I apologize. My heart will ever hang on on the East coastline.

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