This summer, Sanyo and Sprint roll along out no less than six new Katana original compartment phones, designed to replace the innovative Sanyo Katana band. They are, in no unusual order: the Katana II Pink Fascination, the Katana II Midnight Steel, the Katana II Cosmic Black, the Katana DLX Pink Satin, the Katana DLX Platinum Ice, and the Katana DLX Champagne.

At first, this may well come across like an dead unclear wealth of cell phones... but all is not as complicated as it may possibly seem. Sanyo's six new cell phones are truly a moment ago color variations on two rough and ready models: the mid-range Katana II (a classy general-use touchtone phone next to a VGA photographic equipment) and the much powerful, media-centric Katana DLX (a opulent model next to a 1 megapixel photographic camera and integrated media artist).

The Katana II

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Comparable to the Motorola RAZR in many an respects, the Katana II is an intelligence of the already-thin Sanyo Katana, featuring a akin contour cause and silky logo. The Katana II has been updated beside 21 MB of onboard memory, Bluetooth capability, integrated record / SMS electronic communication and Web browsing, and a useful inherent VGA camera, and ships in three models, all of which show a discrepancy lone in color: your unfinished Cosmic Black, the drastically more powder-puff Pink Satin, and the gold Midnight Steel.

While it lacks quite a few of the features that get the Katana DLX so delightful by comparison, the Katana II is a commendable mid-range handset beside teemingness to contribute the detached user, although it may right stimulate the appetite for the more full-featured DLX.

The Katana DLX

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For those beside more dynamic moving features in mind, the Katana DLX is a "deluxe" copy of the Sanyo Katana. With all the attribute of the Katana II, the besides features an 18-bit display, 500-contact phone booth book, a inherent auditory communication player, and a 1 megapixel digital photographic camera knowledgeable of video occupation and ooze multimedia.

In addition, the Katana DLX is EV-DO capable, worth the cell telephone can be previously owned as a wireless modum beside a man-portable machine. Add to this the longer mobile vivacity and a weightwatcher approach factor, and the Katana DLX becomes a powerful cell telephone in need a staggering rate tag.

The Katana DLX comes in three colors: The Pink Satin, the gleaming tinny Platinum Ice, and the Champagne (an attractive chromatic hue).

While some the Katana II and the Katana DLX are good successors to Sanyo's sylphlike Katana line, the DLX definitely offers more than thud for the buck, next to an updated camera, EV-DO capability, and a integral auditory communication entertainer. With these six new compartment p upcoming onto the market, however, the sensitive user will of course have no paucity of choices.

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